Are you Ready … To Give a Perfect Professional Presentation?

Are you Ready … To Give a Perfect Professional Presentation?

Brett Clausen, John Walters, Bill Weaver, Joan Blue, Jamie Ludwig, Brenda Phillips

(Phoenix, Arizona) – The Arizona Insurance Institute congratulates the September 2017 graduating class of its Professional Speaking Workshop series.  Each student, after attending four 90-minute sessions, has earned the prestigious Arizona Insurance Institutes’ Professional Speakers Training Completion Certificate.

Throughout the workshop series students are taught techniques to overcome speaker nervousness, establish credibility, and organize a presentation to effectively share ideas with their audience. The first three sessions of the workshop series are dedicated to learning effective speaking and presentation skills with the fourth and final session reserved for each student to put their newly garnered skills to the test with a brief presentation to the class and receive feedback in a friendly and encouraging environment.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Public Speaking Workshop sponsored by the Arizona Insurance Institute.  It has provided me with important information on what differentiates a speaker from a GREAT speaker.  I highly recommend the class to anyone interested in taking their speaking abilities to the next level!” Brenda Phillips, SCLA Claims Manager Nautilus Insurance Group (a Berkley Company)

The Arizona Insurance Institute is now offering the Public Speaking Workshop to companies and individuals who are interested in taking their professional presentation skills to the next level. Each series can be customized to fit the business needs and participant abilities.

For more information about the series or to schedule a workshop for your business team please contact
Jeff Bronaugh, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, CIC, Executive Director of the Arizona Insurance Institute
(520) 343-4394 or


Brett Clausen delivering his final presentation to the class.

Brenda Phillips delivering her final presentation