Do you have a 9PM Routine?

Do you have a 9PM Routine?

AATAWhat is your nightly routine?  Do you even have a routine?

The Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) can help with this.  This year the AATA is jumping on the new campaign that is sweeping across law enforcement agencies nationwide, the 9 P.M. Routine.

The 9 P.M. Routine is a reminder to remove valuables out of your car and ensure all doors and windows are locked, not just on your vehicle but your garage and house too.  Most burglaries of vehicles and homes are crimes of opportunity.   The criminal isn’t after a specific item, but rather any item that may be of value.  Often, criminals pursuing this method of break-ins are not looking to draw attention to themselves, so they work on finding those vehicles and houses with unlocked or open doors and windows; something they can gain access to with a minimal amount of effort and draw the least amount of attention.  Examples of this are usually seen on the nightly news, showing people walking up to neighborhood vehicles and houses late at night testing vehicle doors, and walking away with items from open garage doors.

The goal of the 9PM routine is to combat this crime of opportunity and help citizens develop their own personal security routine.  By having a designated time to perform these tasks, each night, will not only protect one’s property but also ensure your family is safety too.

9 P.M. Routine

  • Remove all valuables out of the car
  • Lock all car doors
  • Close the Garage Door
  • Lock all House doors and windows


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